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WEB art

Ten dreams A wide vision or fantastic visual artists
Remedios Varo The great mexican surrealist artist
At any time Experience this internet installation
MOWA Musseum of Web art
Jia Lu Women sensuality through the brush of this chinise artist
Oculart Experience this Internet Installation
Christiane Paul Experience this internet Installation from Christiane Paul
AEC ARS Electronica shows recent creations


Art + Science

Art + Science Connecting people on science and arts
Golden Number Incredibles features of a number
Biosemiotics Communication and signification in living systems
The Amygdaloids A rock band founded by 4 very famous neuroscientists
Grotte Chauvet Incredible and beautiful cave recently discovered



Bradshaw foundation Rock art, ancestor artists and much more
Water Mistery, art and science of water
Evolution All you must know to understand on evolution


Global artworks

African rock art Very great and beautiful african rock art
Evelyn Glennie Evelyn Glennie will fascinate you with her percussion art work



Cognition + Life On congnitive science



Clave Bell Famous article from de american critic Clive Bell
Dalai Lama Dalai Lama talks about how he undertand occidental science



Woody Allen Woody Allen, the very great director
Umberto Eco Umberto Eco Web site
Leni Riefenstahl Fascinating photos from Leni Riefenstahl, the german nazi artist
Ellen Dissanayake Ellen Dissanayake Web site/
Denis Dutton Dennis Dutton Web site with a lot of important links
Edward Punset Eduard Punset
Carl Sagan Carl Sagan
William Calvin Theoretical neurobiologist author of many books about brian , evolution and climate.
Michel Foucault Michel Foucault Web site



Contemporary Aesthetics http://www.contempaesthetics.org/
Kafka http://www.kafka.org/
Hegel http://www.hegel.net/



TED An espectacular colection of thinkers and artist speaches
Global art and Peace http://www.global-art.org/


Theoretical approaches

Omega point http://www.aleph.se/Trans/Global/Omega/
Co-Intelligence http://www.co-intelligence.org
String Theory http://www.superstringtheory.com/
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