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      Jaime A. Maldonado

      Born  in  Chile.  During  high  school  years, he worked  as an illustrator in an
      advertising   company.   Later   he   studied   Industrial  Engineering.  In  the
      university he  founded  "New  Era",  a magazine  of  culture  and  politics.  In 
      1986 he  published a poetry book that  received a Prize for Poetic  Creativity. 
      He  has  worked  in  a  lot  of  innovative  industrial  projects  in  the  area  of 
      electronics   and  software  engineering.  In  1995,  he participated  in one of 
      the first Global Art Projects, called Deconstructing Duchamp joining with other  
      24   creators.  He  made  an  Internet  Installation  called  The  Three Graces.
      He  was  a  columnist  for  the magazine SIGNO of art and  literature. He has
      made a lot of creative artifacts which are shown in his WEBiography.
      In  the  last  10  years he has been devoted  to develop  a Unified Theory of 
      Art, among other things. 
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